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  • Integrating the Commercial and R&D functions in any company is essential. Too often they operate independently if not in isolation from each other, and without sufficient consideration as to where their respective strategies are aiming to take the company.
  • Our experience in working with companies of varying sizes and scopes, together with our technical and regulatory knowledge, means that we are ideally placed to give strategic development advice that takes into consideration the commercial imperatives and the regulatory hurdles.
  • Although the company may have an overall goal, product development progresses in stages, and these stages are usually associated with differing risks, implications for company value (which may have an impact on future fund raising), and regulatory requirements.
  • It is therefore necessary to consider at most decision points the pragmatic route to take that will enhance potential for success, control risk and maximize investor value.
  • Products require bespoke development approaches, although much can be learned from past experiences, and different companies have different needs based on their current commercial situation. Thus, an equity funded start up company developing a product will probably need a different development strategy and possibly a different programme to another company developing a similar product but that already has revenue streams.
  • Our combined experience and knowledge has proved invaluable to many clients in terms of saving time to revenue generation and reducing costs of development.